Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Introductory Blog

About  Me!

Hello, my name is Alexa Seary! I am a student at Stockton University. My intended major is communications, I intend on to focus on advertising and marketing within my field, but am open to all the other wonderful opportunities within my major as well!

Besides communications, I have a passion for art and sculpture. I also love to film short films on the side with my production company. One of my dreams is to have a job where I am able to travel the world and experience all different cultures . I am very passionate about balance! I believe that prioritizing mental, physical, and emotional health are the key to achieving the most that you can as a person; and that being the best you is the key to happiness. I adore my family and friends and am appreciative to get a new opportunity for what the world has to offer every morning I get to wake out of bed!

THE CONNECTED EDUCATOR: Learning and Leading in a Digital Age

In my Exploring Your Digital Portfolio class, we are currently reading The Connected Educator: Learning an Leading in a Digital Age by Sheryl Nessbaum-Beach and Lani Ritter Hall. One of the focuses on the chapter we are currently reading is Networking. This chapter is great because it explains how to make the most out of the resources we use all the time with ease today! It also explains the different elements within networks and how useful they can be when applied. For example, Personal Learning Networks, or PLNs. My major is communications so maximizing my PLN is ideal for my career, such as companies in the field and relationships with those with jobs in the field. Networking can be the make or break for opportunity !

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  1. I thought it was interesting how you have a passion for art because I am as well. I am a dancer and have been dancing for 16 years, so I know a lot about different art forms because of dance. The connected Educator is a tool to help you learn about your own PLN. Finding things that interests you and accommodates your needs, for your intended field of study and pursuing them. I enjoyed reading your blog!