Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gone but Not Forgotten- A Walk Down Memory Lane

There is nothing quite like a class that truly leaves you with not only memories but knowledge. I notice that there are a lot of classes that students are required to take that may be filled with so much information that their head spins while cramming it all in, and yet, once the semester is over this information is all left behind to never, or very rarely, be used again. I am happy to say that Building Your Digital Portfolio with Professor Calderwood was a different story. Rather than giving ridiculous amounts of reading and writing to stress over, this class was highly interactive and the hands-on method is what made everything so ingrained into our minds. 
Some of my favorite moments was the many guest speakers we got to hear from over Google
Hangout. For example, speaking with Cameron Brenchley who is the Director of Digital Strategy for the White House. There was also Robyn Hrivnatz who worked for Microsoft's education department. Each guest was someone who has gone far in their careers and shared their tips and experiences with us so we could truly utilize the tools of technology to better ourselves professionally.
We also learned amount many tools in technology that did amazing things. From Google Glass to explore the world virtually, to Animoto that made presentations come to life, to ZooKazam; that make real creatures come to life via augmented reality; there was never a dull moment nor a class that didn't make your jaw drop.  
With all this being said, my PLN has grown remarkably throughout this semester. I went from a person who saw social media as an app to occupy boredom to a person who could have a Twitter that I'd feel proud enough of to show my future employers themselves. I learned to keep my act clean on the Internet (and the huge risks involved if I don't). Finally, I got to create a website for myself that I will continuously fix up and maintain for my future portfolio.

 Most importantly, I learned the amazing opportunity the utilization of the connections one can make on the World Wide Web truly are. In a world where not a day goes by without the internet, I am extremely thankful for all that this class has taught me in the most interesting and engaging ways possible. It will be missed. 


  1. I agree with you there are so many subjects we never use again. Dealing with technology this course will be one to easily remember and will use more often.

  2. I enjoyed this class also for many of the same reasons and the tools we learned will help us in many ways in the future. Good luck and it was nice sitting next to you in class. Thanks for being my timer.

  3. I think you added great detail in your wrap up for the semester. Overall the course has taught us a lot and I'm sure we will be able to take the knowledge we have gained throughout the course and apply it to other courses and real life situations. Great blog !