Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Social Media Etiquette

You may never realize just how much social media may effect your life. I can't tell you how many times I've gone on a peers page to see pictures with red solo cups, or inappropriate content, but they have brushed it off "How would anyone find me?" or "I know all of my friends". In this age the digital footprint is nothing to brush off. While it doesn't always happen to everyone, there are plenty examples of the negative repercussions that could happen if social media becomes involved in your career. One perfect example is Connor Riley, a graduate student who was getting their master's degree at the University of California, Berkley. I found this story particularly unsettling because its an easy position my classmates and I could be in, if not as aware. It all started when Riley decided to tweet about the summer internship she had just obtained:

Cisco is obviously a huge company, the number one IT company worldwide, but much like any large company a person would dream of obtaining a position in, they were not unaware of what social media activity associated itself with its company. This eventually led to a tweet back from another employee:
This resulted in the loss of Connor Riley's internship, along with tons of internet trolling and a completely destroyed reputation of an individual who had put in a ton of work to get to where they were career-wise. Bottom line, the satisfaction of a thought being shared will NEVER be worth a person's career. It's important to keep career and social media in two different spots besides if social media is promoting the job itself. You must go about anything you post as if it will be seen by an employer these days.

Another important thing to remember is social bookmarking and blogging, such as what we read about in The Connected Educator. Chapter 5 is very informative as far as this goes. There is so much to take in and even more helpful tools on the web that we want to be able to document, categorize, and go back to in the future so we can utilize them in our career-life.  Diigo and Delicious are great for this. Another amazing thing that we've been subconsciously thinking about the whole time: (fanfare) BLOGGING!  From irrelevant hidden posts, to posts that will build a portfolio for a future (or current) career, there are endless advantages and fun attributes to blogging. Podcasts are radio-like/verbal versions of these blogs. The worldwide web is an awesome spot to be able to share the topics you care to influence others to care about, it can be a great hobby. As long as we remain greatly aware of what we are posting and make a conscious effort to keep our personal views separate from the career-related ones, the results can be magical!

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